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Millenialls Find A Future in Blue Collar Union Jobs

   The jobs are out there. Millennial’s can have a secure future with Union jobs. The stigma of “Blue Collar ” has stopped our new work force from looking into what’s available. The pay is great and with a Union, they’ll get the best benefits package their company can afford.

   There’s a corporate agenda afoot. They want to maximize their earnings potential at the expense of the new work force. They know that this generation isn’t familiar with what’s been championed by unions. They steadily chip away at the importance of a stable benefits package. Companies gain confidence in keeping their workforce in need. It’s an age-old tactic proven to be successful. Especially when the incoming work force has been intentionally disconnected from its hard earned achievements.

   Ask yourself why pensions are steadily going away? Why is it so hard to invest in your workers? Medical, with all its current issues and high expense is being handed down to the employee at unprecedented rates. Having a job use to equate to: steady pay with good raises, affordable medical, security, retirement leading to the ability to have confidence that you and your family will be okay. Without Unions, especially the IAM, you roll the dice and lose your voice in the workplace. If you are currently looking for a job, be sure it’s a union job. If you have a non-union job, don’t leave, fix it. Call us. One call can change your life for the better. That’s the only way you can start to enjoy life to the fullest. The IAM has some of the best contract language available. We have the best benefits package available. The IAM has a medical, dental, vision, 401(k), pension and safety program, leading the work force of today into a more secure future. Call or email today.