Organizing the most organized generation ever

Organizing the most organized generation ever


Organizing is the most important activity we can be a part of. Unions carry a bad name and have been stigmatized much like our Millennials. When union density across our great country was at its highest, families were able to save money, send our kids to college and earn a respectable living. It is for this reason, my team and I are here to help you.


Successful organizing is a science. Every company will require a different strategy. Together we’ll work towards devloping a winning path.

Step One: Call me. This is the most important and best decision you will make. Unionizing will ease your work life in order to maximize your “after work life”.

Your goal:

Negotiate a contract between you and your employer. This will take away many of the worries and stress you now have to deal with.

Basic steps:

  1. Get a minimum number of  interest cards signed.
  2.  Take the cards to the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) and file for an election
  3. The NLRB asks the Company to provide a list of names in the target group
  4. Once verified the NLRB schedules a court hearing within 10 days.
  5. The court hearing is where we decide which departments are eligible, what dates are best for the vote, where the vote is to be held, and if anything was done that violated the law during the card collection process.
  6. From the time we file to the hearing date, we will be in contact with the company trying to come to an agreement,
  7. Once we have a date settled for an election, the union will help educate the work group in order to best prepare for a favorable vote.
  8. The vote will be run and monitored by the NLRB. At this time, all eligible voters will cast a private vote. Neither side will know which way you vote. The decision is ultimately up to you.
  9. If we are successful, we have to wait 2 weeks for either side to contest the vote.
  10. During this time, we will be taking surveys from you and your coworkers in order to best know which issues you have and want changed in order of importance.
  11. We will also elect stewards and a negotiation team from the work group
  12. This is where the real work begins. Negotiating a contract is not easy. Ultimately, the goal is to negotiate as much as possible in our favor, resulting in a first contract.

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