Work Better


As an Organizer, my job is not only to help workers get decent pay and benefits, it’s also to stay educated on the pulse of our newest workforce.  Today’s economy is rapidly changing. As you already know, the wealthy are getting wealthier and the workers are still struggling. It’s time we get our workers back on track. American jobs are changing and the way we measure ourselves is no longer by what we do for work. It’s what we do after work that matters. It’s the time we spend with family and friends, or by ourselves maintaining peace of mind.


Unions provide an important service. We strive to improve your working conditions and benefits so you can enjoy life-after-work. What we’ve found over the years is that with a solid legal agreement called a union contract, workers can have peace of mind, plan ahead, know that if hard times fall upon you; there are resources to help. We pull together under the law in order to minimize company greed. You have value and should be treated with respect. So if you want to live better,