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Organizing the most organized generation ever


Organizing is the most important activity we can be a part of. Unions carry a bad name and have been stigmatized much like our Millennials. When union density across our great country was at its highest, families were able to save money, send our kids to college and earn a respectable living. It is for this reason, my team and I are here to help you.


Successful organizing is a science. Every company will require a different strategy. Together we’ll work towards devloping a winning path.

Step One: Call me. This is the most important and best decision you will make. Unionizing will ease your work life in order to maximize your “after work life”.

Your goal:

Negotiate a contract between you and your employer. This will take away many of the worries and stress you now have to deal with.

Basic steps:

  1. Get a minimum number of  interest cards signed.
  2.  Take the cards to the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) and file for an election
  3. The NLRB asks the Company to provide a list of names in the target group
  4. Once verified the NLRB schedules a court hearing within 10 days.
  5. The court hearing is where we decide which departments are eligible, what dates are best for the vote, where the vote is to be held, and if anything was done that violated the law during the card collection process.
  6. From the time we file to the hearing date, we will be in contact with the company trying to come to an agreement,
  7. Once we have a date settled for an election, the union will help educate the work group in order to best prepare for a favorable vote.
  8. The vote will be run and monitored by the NLRB. At this time, all eligible voters will cast a private vote. Neither side will know which way you vote. The decision is ultimately up to you.
  9. If we are successful, we have to wait 2 weeks for either side to contest the vote.
  10. During this time, we will be taking surveys from you and your coworkers in order to best know which issues you have and want changed in order of importance.
  11. We will also elect stewards and a negotiation team from the work group
  12. This is where the real work begins. Negotiating a contract is not easy. Ultimately, the goal is to negotiate as much as possible in our favor, resulting in a first contract.

Millenialls Find A Future in Blue Collar Union Jobs

   The jobs are out there. Millennial’s can have a secure future with Union jobs. The stigma of “Blue Collar ” has stopped our new work force from looking into what’s available. The pay is great and with a Union, they’ll get the best benefits package their company can afford.

   There’s a corporate agenda afoot. They want to maximize their earnings potential at the expense of the new work force. They know that this generation isn’t familiar with what’s been championed by unions. They steadily chip away at the importance of a stable benefits package. Companies gain confidence in keeping their workforce in need. It’s an age-old tactic proven to be successful. Especially when the incoming work force has been intentionally disconnected from its hard earned achievements.

   Ask yourself why pensions are steadily going away? Why is it so hard to invest in your workers? Medical, with all its current issues and high expense is being handed down to the employee at unprecedented rates. Having a job use to equate to: steady pay with good raises, affordable medical, security, retirement leading to the ability to have confidence that you and your family will be okay. Without Unions, especially the IAM, you roll the dice and lose your voice in the workplace. If you are currently looking for a job, be sure it’s a union job. If you have a non-union job, don’t leave, fix it. Call us. One call can change your life for the better. That’s the only way you can start to enjoy life to the fullest. The IAM has some of the best contract language available. We have the best benefits package available. The IAM has a medical, dental, vision, 401(k), pension and safety program, leading the work force of today into a more secure future. Call or email today.


Organizing in the 21st Century




Organizing is not easy but the reward is well worth the time. Peace of Mind, less work stress, more time with your family where you’re actually mentally clear: All benefits of a union. Knowing your future earnings, having control of your health insurance, help with life’s challenges: All benefits of a union. Having a voice, being treated equally, earning pay based on experience and not gender or favoritism: All benefits of a union.


How do you start?






Free college education!!

Benefit of the IAM!!



The Union Difference 2016

The Union Difference 2016
Union workers participating in job-provided health insurance1
Nonunion workers participating in job-provided health insurance

Union workers participating in guaranteed (defined-benefit) pension plans 76% Nonunion
workers participating in guaranteed (defined-benefit) pension plans 16%

Union workers with paid sick leave
Nonunion workers with paid sick leave

Union workers’ median weekly earnings2
Nonunion workers’ median weekly earnings

Young (ages 16–24) union workers’ median weekly earnings
Young (ages 16–24) nonunion workers’ median weekly earnings

Union women’s median weekly earnings
Nonunion women’s median weekly earnings

African American union workers’ median weekly earnings
African American nonunion workers’ median weekly earnings

Latino union workers’ median weekly earnings
Latino nonunion workers’ median weekly earnings

Asian American union workers’ median weekly earnings
Asian American nonunion workers’ median weekly earnings


Union Myths

  1. Unions are outdated.
    1. Untrue- The workforce that unions traditionally service have shifted due to global economic reasons and Labor laws. As our country moves into another direction, they too must shift. Unions are adjusting to the new career demands and are growing as workers realize the value.
  2. Unions are bad for economic growth.
    1. Wrong- States with a higher union density are the wealthier states.
  3. Employers are highly regulated by state and federal laws. They are now required to sit and consider the workers needs and concerns, making the work environment much friendlier and cohesive.
    1. Not True- Employers are almost always going to make their decision based on profit and ease of application. Negotiating a contract between a company and its’ employees creates an environment where both sides have equal say. The outcome which has to be voted in by its membership is a legal agreement binding both sides to the contract. Once done, it eases conflict.
  4. Unions cause more conflict than harmony.
    1. Again, not true- Once a contract is negotiated; it lays the rules down that make more fair environment. It keeps management from treating some better than others.
  5. Pay and benefits for both union and non-union shops have equaled out.
    1. Don’t be fooled- Pay has only become competitive in locations where either the company is fighting to keep unions out or where their competitors are already union. It’s the only way to keep worker retention. If unions were to move into low union density areas, the surrounding pay would go up. Schools, roads and public services would benefit tremendously. This truth is what drives corporations to merge as a group in order to combine their resources and fight unionism everywhere. They write and fund right-to-work and anti-union laws in order to keep control.

Take Control

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we evaluate our accomplishments. We look back and see all the memories we hold dear to our hearts and the loved one’s we share these memories with. Unfortunately, in today’s world, we are too wrapped up in our work lives. It’s the memorable moments that help us leave a lasting impression. Do you really want to look back and wish you spent more time on yourself?

For some, work makes you who you are. For our smarter, stronger generation, it’s a means to an end. The less amount of stress we have at work, the more we enjoy our personal time.

It’s time for change! You’ve been trained to think that you don’t matter. You’ve been told your opinion isn’t important.” If you don’t like it, move on!”  Sound familiar? Corporations have been trying to lower our expectations and beat us into submission for years now.

Well guess what? You do matter. You can have a voice and it’s okay to express your opinion. You deserve to get the best benefits your company can afford. You deserve to know that your opinions and hard work are appreciated. Have confidence in knowing exactly what you’d be getting paid for years at a time is not too much to ask for.

Your power is in your collective efforts. We can move forward in strength together.


It’s your federal right to organize. Start lowing your stress. One determined individual can get the process started. We can help you organize your shop today. One simple call or email will put you in contact with a highly trained IAM Organizer.They will put you on your path to success. Don’t wait, get answers now.